Finance Director and Consultancy Roles

Have you ever been so concerned about what your staff have been costing you that you forgot to evaluate what they are earning you?

Do you regularly compare the profit margins of your products or services and include within this all costs incurred with association with that product or service including the adminstrative costs of support thereafter, postage etc?  Do you regularly compare this against your competition?

If you have asked any or all of these questions have you also consider whether perhaps your accountant might just be doing all that they can and have the expertise theoretical knowledge but that you need something more – you need somebody with practical experience than do something more than just “crunch the numbers”?

We go into businesses and work with them to help them get to where they want to be.  We will come into your business, evaluate where it has been, where it is now and where you want it to go.

We have experience within the firm of having put significant cost savings measures in place and not having just read about them in a book; we have experience of having been in businesses and helping them turn the corner from the point at which they were close to shutting the doors.  We have also taken stagnant businesses that have been “content” for a long period of time find another gear in their business that could ultimately mean that they could retire earlier.

Should you feel that you need more support than that of an accountant and would benefit from a firm that can demonstrate practical rather than just theoretical experiences then please us.

Client testimonials

Graeme and his team are excellent – always supportive, always friendly and always help me out with the enquiries I have! Thank you!
Helena Sansum