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Business plans

We have extensive experience developing successful business plans for clients from all sectors and sizes. Whether you are a newly incorporated company facing the challenging demands of start-up, or a public sector organisation looking to develop a long term strategy, we have the experience and knowledge to help you reach your goals.

Let us sit down with you, and discuss your needs and goals. We can then compile a business plan for your organisation, that can be easily maintained and monitored against performance, enabling you to take corrective action as necessary with minimal delay.

Cash flow forecasts

The majority of business fail because of lack of cash rather than lack of profits – do not make the mistake to think otherwise.

We can help you prepare your cash flow statement to better understand your current cash flow position. Amidst the increasing credit terms that customers are demanding, and the lack of flexibility from suppliers, the need to manage cashflow is becoming of increasing importance. If not managed well, it can become a serious threat to your business.

Help with raising business finance and grants

Raising finance is particularly difficult in the current times of financial turmoil, but we can help by introducing you to potential sources of finance and can assist in preparing the necessary supporting paperwork.


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Client testimonials

Graeme and his team are excellent – always supportive, always friendly and always help me out with the enquiries I have! Thank you!
Helena Sansum