Your Business Curve versus The Health Curve

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According to the press, we are now past the peak of COVID-19. We’ve flattened the curve! Give it a few more weeks and it’ll be business as usual, right?


Nobody knows what the new ‘normal’ will look like. Because of this, your ability as a business owner to pivot and adapt has never been more important.

We’re at a crucial point in the timeline of the health of UK residents and their businesses. As the health curve shows evidence of decline; day by day, we’re at risk of getting complacent and this curve is very different to the one that businesses are following and the impact they have felt and are yet to feel.

Stay inside. Save lives. Protect the NHS.

Health is the most important thing in life. It’s more important than business. You know that.

That’s why you’re listening to the government’s instructions. You’re a responsible adult with morals. It’s the ‘right thing to do’.

But it’s easy to follow instructions, so what do you do if you’re the one giving them? As a business owner, you need to take control and put measures in place to flatten another type of curve: your business’ health curve.

What do I mean by your business’ curve? Like the national health statistics, we can measure the negative effect the pandemic has on your business and map it on a graph. Although the peak in a curve is usually considered to be a good thing, we know in this case it’s the opposite.

You can forgive yourself for being momentarily shell-shocked. A bit caught in the headlights if you will. It’s unprecedented times, after all. But I’m telling you that as we enter another week of lockdown, the time for hesitation and bemusement is over.

Now is the time to act. If you haven’t started to rebuild, you’re prolonging the inevitable.

If you don’t suck it up, make a plan, and get on with saving your business now then you might not have a business to go back to.

I don’t want to be a doomsayer. I’m a realist and am writing this to give you the shake you might need.

Your Business’ Health Curve

Just like in the health curve, we can’t get ahead of ourselves.

What would happen now if we lifted restrictions and everything returned to normal? That’s right, the declining curve would make a sharp u-turn and start climbing again.

Our business health curve hasn’t hit its peak yet. Why? This is due to various reasons including the help the government has given us business owners, financial reserves bailing people out but overall we must recognise this assistance will soon run out.

As we enter May, this ‘peak’ is likely to become increasingly noticeable.

When the government lifts lockdown, the new ‘normal’ will be very different from what we considered everyday life beforehand.

And because of this, the true extent of this pandemic on the business world is scarily unknown but what we can say is the peaks of the ‘business curve’ may be slightly flatter but are most definitely going to be longer lasting and potentially more sporadic.

So, What Can You Do?

You focus on what you do know and what you can control.

This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to ask yourself the following:

  1. Using everything you’ve learned, if you could start your business again, how would it look?
  2. Are the problems you’re facing 100% down to COVID-19, or are they deeper rooted than that?
  3. How will you prepare for the very real threat of waves 2 and 3 of COVID-19?

Last time we had no warning. It came out of nowhere and turned our lives upside down. You might even say we buried our head in the sands about it, refusing to accept we’d be as affected as China and Italy.

But now we’re in this situation, if you could tip your business upside down, give it a good shake and put it back together again, how would it look?

The ‘new’ business world will be very different than the old, so the more you take action right now and pivot your business, the more agile your business will be and so the more prepared you’ll be for the future.

The ‘New Norm’ Myth Debunked

Don’t let yourself get carried away with messages out there in the press.

No, everybody is not going to suddenly start working from home; and no, all meetings will not now be virtual rather than face-to-face.

Things will change, but not to that extreme.

What this pandemic has done is highlight many inefficiencies within our businesses that we should’ve spotted before now. For example, why were you travelling for 2 hours to a catch-up meeting when you could do it online? Why have staff members taken days off when their kids are sick instead of working from home for the day? Could all those meetings have been an email?

The opportunity this pandemic has given us is time. And while we can’t be certain about when the business curve will hit its peak, we have the time now to prepare the best we can for it so strike back against COVID-19.

Revisit your processes. Streamline your services. Strip everything back and start again.

Now is not the time for doing nothing

If you’re feeling deflated, or you’ve been enjoying some time off expecting this to all blow over and make back the time and money lost on the other side, this has only delayed your peak and may even worryingly lengthen how long your peak lasts.

Face it head on

By acting now, you’ll see the peak and, like the UK’s health curve, you’ll get past it. You’ll flatten it and you’ll have a better chance of beating it and come out of this stronger than before. Plus, you’ll be in a better position to avoid peaks 2 and 3 if they do indeed come.

Unsure about how to get started? Get in touch today and let us help you model your business curve and get you ahead while you still can.

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