Data Is Your New Director, And It’s About To Make MD

Without recognising the importance of embracing the digital age, every day you are throwing time, money, and effort down the drain.

Now; more than ever, data is the key driver; built of the back of the correct financial software, and here’s why.

The old days

You remember those days of not-so-distant-past, don’t you?

When a Simplex D book was the core part of any set of financial statements and without it, you’d be lost.

And then there were the old spreadsheets. Remember how they’d get passed from computer to computer, each person making their own amendments without anyone controlling a centralised version of it? When it came to making a report, the copies would be stitched together until you got something that ‘looked right’.

It took teams of people, with teams of people helping them, all under the watchful eye of the finance director.

Expensive stuff.

You’ll be glad to hear that’s a thing of the past. Nowadays, digital accountancy software does the job of a full finance team and finance director, with one big difference: the software does it better.

By design, the software keeps everything organised and in one place. It’s simple to use for anyone, and the data updates itself. Teams of people can work on an account at once without worrying about deleting or duplicating data.

You can use the software to pull reports in an instant that would take finance teams weeks, saving you time, money, and effort.

Here are three reasons why the right software, and the right accountant, is now all you need.

1) Data Input

Sick of logging expenses? With our accountancy software, all you need to do is take a photo of a receipt with your smartphone and poof, that’s it sent and logged for you.

Plus, we can link your bank account with the software. This way, the two systems communicate with one another and update themselves.

Suppliers can email the software, cutting out time usually spent emailing back and forth and logging everything manually.

And that’s what’s available right now. The world of accountancy software is moving at a fast pace and new ways to save time, effort, and money are being developed every day.

2) Basic Reporting

The data you need, at your fingertips, from any location.

What can you use this data for?

  • Comparing figures over whatever period you consider relevant and being able to manipulate this
  • Running customer and supplier reports
  • Establish payment patterns
  • Chasing debts

Finally, you can take control of your business to the fullest and get a clear, overall view of what’s going in in the best way possible: the numbers.

Any information you need is readily available to you. The answers to your questions answered, instantly, meaning you can get back on with your job.

3) Advanced Reporting

We can build you a bespoke dashboard of key features within your financial software to give you the information you need to make the right decisions.

We can set up your software to tell you when a customer’s credit rating changes, or when an internal target is missed. The best thing about this is the fact that once we set it up, it takes no effort from you to maintain it. All you get bothered with are the results and information you want and need to hear so you can force on the actions needing to be taken.

Our world is a smaller place than ever, so we are all competing with one another globally in some shape or form. This might be daunting, but with digital financial software, it doesn’t have to be.

If it’s that easy, where does an accountant come in?

The implementation, training, and overseeing of this technology are where your accountant comes in.

You need to focus your energy in the places that will give you the best return.

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